Advice From The British Sleep Council On Choosing A Bed

There are many different beds to choose from when you set foot in any Bed store, to the casual shopper you may not notice any major difference between each model apart from the size. The truth is that all mattresses are different and this is a good thing as most people have a specific preference when it comes to comfort. Some people prefer a harder mattress whereas others prefer a mattress to be as soft as possible.

The British Sleep Council is a group that provide welcome advice on getting more sleep to help us feel better in the morning and be more productive during the daytime. They regularly release leaflets and documentation that can help you decide on what to look for when buying a new bed and mattress.

The Sleep Council recommends you keep three key points in mind when you are in the market for a new bed: Type, Size and Price. As long as you ask yourself questions with regard to the key areas then you should be able to get a better idea of which bed is best and be better equipped to make a decision between two or more beds you like.


The type of bed may be a case of choosing a bed similar to your current one or perhaps something much different. Some people prefer a taller bed as they may struggle to get up in the mornings whereas some people may prefer the space that a lower bed can create in the room. You may want to choose a different style of bed to suit any decorating you have done recently or plan to do. You should be asking what you like about your current bed and what you’d like to change to find the new bed that will meet your criteria.


The size is obviously normally decided on whether you sleep alone or with a partner, although recent thinking believes that a double bed should be the minimum standard for lone sleepers too, to allow more movement and comfort when sleeping. A lot of complaints about beds can come from a sleeping partner shuffling around; having a large enough bed will mean you are less likely to disturb each other in the night. A good test to do is lying side by side with your hands behind your head and elbows out to the side, if your elbows do not touch then it is said that this size bed is perfect.

As beds can come in a wide range of sizes, like their occupants, there are mattresses that are longer for taller sleepers. It is advised that the mattress should be 10-15cm longer than the tallest occupant.


A lot of people will opt for a cheaper mattress but this can be a false economy in itself as these mattresses can be poorly constructed and typically not have as long a life span as more expensive models. This doesn’t mean you need to spend vast sums in order to get a good night’s sleep, everyone is different and some may even prefer the cheaper mattresses but as long as the way the mattress feels and supports your body is what governs your choice rather than just the price then you should come away with the mattress and bed that suits you perfectly.

Choosing mattresses is an important task and should have due time and attention devoted to it. Whether you’re looking for king size beds or single beds check online for some great deals.