Blog counter for your personal blog

Blog counter – Visitors visit you as you post, how to track them? If you have a blog but do not have a blog counter to keep a track of visitors as they visit your website, then it may not be commercially viable for you to keep running your blog. One must have an idea of the cost factor, to see if your blog is making money, what is the kind of traffic which is generating, for how are people visiting your website and once they have visited, for how are they staying there. No point in just continuing the way things are, mechanically, since you could end up losing money badly and would have to ultimately end up shutting up your blog. A blog counter would help you to see how many visitors are visiting your blog, at what times are they visiting, what days of the week, from what websites or from internet service providers are they coming. All this just helps you to make sensible changes in your blog to ensure that you get the kind of visitors which you need (not casual visitors), so that you can recover the expense which you are incurring in running your blog and gradually begin to make money out of it. It also helps you not to meander, it helps you to see where you need to make changes and how urgently you need to make them, so that the whole enterprise becomes commercially viable – after all, we are all here to make money. There are various statistics which a blog counter can provide: Page View or Page Impression which gives you an idea of how frequently has a web page has been accessed irrespective of how hits have actually been generated. It also helps in getting a Unique View as against a Page View. A person who visits a page yesterday and returns today to the same page, (within a certain time period) constitutes as a Page View whereas a person who visits a page for the first time, qualifies as a Unique View (someone who is visiting for the first time) Another manner in which a blog counter helps is that it provides Referrers – this is when people are accessing your blog through links of other websites. To assimilate this date about referrers enables you to understand from where the traffic pertaining to your search engine is coming from. Counters – this is one piece of statistic provided by blog counters which you would do well not to pay a great deal of attention to. Sometimes, on some web pages, when you are accessing, you may have noticed that a number at the bottom, which is an indication of how many visitors before you have accessed that particular website. This is not very reliable to determine how exactly your website is doing and that is why it is better not to get swayed by the numbers reflecting. There are some blog counters which provide some very useful information by means of “Trackers”- this is very focused date which basically segregates the type of visitors which you blog has been getting such as page views, unique views, referrers, time of the visits, the duration of different visits, the browser, the link through which visitors have accessed your blog and so on and so forth.