Blog Ideas – The Secret of Coming Up With Great Blog Ideas

Many people who have blog sites often run out of fresh blog ideas. There are many people to whom web page design is very important and critical. Some people also like to change the blog or web page interface and they want to have constant change in terms of redesigning their blog sites.

The problem is that although there are millions of blogs out there, you cannot really be satisfied by copying other people’s ideas. They want to generate their own because they want to keep their own personality and originality.

There is a secret to having unlimited blog ideas: keep it simple. A lot of people tend to make their blog pages too complicated and crowded that anybody who drops by seems to get confused and just gets tired of navigating the page.

Some blog sites are very colorful that it shoos away the visitor because it is too painful on the eye. Others do not know how to mix and match colors and dynamic HTML and as a result, the blog looks very immature and not so user friendly. The interface looks so overwhelming and confusing that visitors would rather not read the entries.

Well, there is actually another secret in generating blog ideas: keep the real you or get personal. Many bloggers who are in need of a blog page change are overwhelmed by the many designs possible.

The problem is that after changing the templates or designs of their current blog sites, they do not feel satisfied because the design they chose does not really represent their personality.

Before changing your blog site design, try to sit down for a few minutes and find out who you really are or what image you really want to project. Try to see if the blog page you are creating matches the words you say on your entries.

If you are not writing entries but instead publishing photos, you need to make sure that the theme of your blog pages match the theme of your photos. If you take dark photos about life, you may want to choose dark blog themes, too.

It is very unbecoming that your blog sites are too light or perky and yet the photos you publish in your photo blog are dark and sinister. This will create confusion on your visitors and they might even tag you as someone who is unsure of what he is doing.