Brobdingnagian Investments In The United Kingdom’s Energy Sector

The United Kingdom requires investments around 200bn to recover from the energy downfall, so the United Kingdom attracts many investors to provide renaissance for the energy industries. The construction of a group of nuclear power stations and offshore wind farms will be profitable only when these power stations are connected with the United Kingdoms network of pipes and wires. The enhancing process of the United Kingdoms energy networks will cost around 32bn and this should be done or it will lead to huge risks for the remaining amount invested. The current ordinances in the United Kingdom will not allow the cash required for the project, but due to the furious pressure by various countries across the world, the up gradation of the energy network in the United Kingdom should be done at the faster pace.
The governor declared that, the electricity and the gas bill will be raised by 3 this year, since the United Kingdom requires huge funds to ameliorate the distribution infrastructure. The Ofgem declared that the, energy companies require a huge amount to be spent for the next decade to match the green energy targets of the government. He also added that, there will be a continual raise of 3 in the energy bills for the houses in the United Kingdom for the next decade to meet the 32bn and this price can be increased to 6 each year. With the help of this 32bn, a novel electricity cables and gas pipelines are to be laid in the United Kingdom for the upcoming energy project which will be embarked on over the next decade which worth a total of 200bn.
The Centrica Plc will embark on feeding the bio methane gas via the sewage into the United Kingdoms natural gas network as soon as possible; this is done according to the order proposed by the UKs largest energy producer and supplier, to reduce the carbon emission. The Centrica Plc declared to the customers and investors that, this project is capable to supply sufficient gas for more than 200 houses and this is achieved by using the anaerobic digestion method from the Thames Water Ltd. It also added that, bio gas produced via this method is purified and the odor is eliminated and then it is fed in the natural gas network, this bio gas fuel can satiate around 15 percent of the domestic gas market of the country by the next decade. The BP Plcs statistical review portrayed the consumption of the natural gas in the U.K was around 86.5 billion cubic meters in the year 2009 and nearly half amount of the natural gas was imported from the Europe , Qatar and Norway .