How To Write Quick And Dirty Blog Posts

Are you a blogger or you just want to try how to become a blogger? First of all, you have to be equipped about how a blogger should always do. What you will have to see for yourself is that how good you are in writing.

Blogging is another way of developing your skills in writing through participating the task online. Not only you can call it as a form of hobby but you can earn out of it even if you didn’t expect it to happen.

Needless to say, there are also rules that a blogger should follow. Of course, you have to be aware about the different rules in writing which also includes grammar and English languages rules.

Your blog will be a failure if there is the traffic towards your page is lesser than expected. That is why many bloggers usually update their pages by writing more and more blogs that are related to the concerns of every reader.

The blog contain an interested topic and never include any irrelevant ideas to your content so that you can make your readers stick to what you are writing.

Being productive is the best thing to do. But the main problem of every blogger is how to write fast and how to end one at once. Basically, the reason of this problem is due to lack of capacity to start writing their content.

If you find it hard to start your blog, then you will surely consume most of your time rewriting the first paragraph of your blog again and again. The technique? You have to know what to write in every paragraph of you blog so that you will focus on the main idea that you will categorize in every paragraph of your writing.

I’ve written heavily about new products and releases for technology and diet blogs. Over the years, I’ve developed a process for creating the articles that allow me to riff through them quickly, do a quick edit, pass through my all-in-one writing software and publish.

The structure I use is lifted from the standard five-paragraph essay, with each paragraph carrying a well-defined purpose.

Paragraph 1: Start with either a question or a funny fact that relates to the product. Transition it into introducing the product, with a short statement about what it does and what it’s for.

Paragraph 2: Take the most notable feature of the product and describe it. Go into as much detail for that specific aspect as your audience needs to know.

Paragraph 3: Reveal the details of the product. For a tech website, this will be the specs and features; for a diet blog, this will be the ingredients (for a supplement), exercise program details (for a DVD) and so on.

Paragraph 4: Relate the new product to existing ones. Describe its significance in the field and how it could be valuable to people.

Paragraph 5: Conclude it by giving purchase, release and similar details. Make sure to list down information about pricing and availability, as these are two things people always look for if a product interests them.