Improve Your English 101: How To Speak English Better

If you’re not a native speaker of the English language, there is still hope for you to improve your English and sound like you’ve been speaking it all your life. There are actually several techniques you can employ in order to enhance English communication skills. The following are ways that can solve this issue for you: how to speak English better:

Reading English Better

Some people are good when it comes to reading books and materials in English, while some are good in writing in English. There are some individuals, on the other hand, who are good at both.

If you wish to improve English reading skills, one technique is for you to read magazines, newspapers, books, etc, that are written in the English language, in a regular manner e.g. daily, twice a week, thrice a week, and so on. If you really desire to improve your English, you should read more English resources, novels, etc, than books written in your native tongue.

To enhance English communication skills, it is also best that you read the books or resources while making sure that you understand every word – in the event that you come across a word you don’t know the meaning of, look it up in the dictionary immediately; in this way, you can improve your vocabulary as well as learn how to speak English better.

Speaking English More Fluently

If you want to gain fluency in the English language in terms of speaking it, a good technique is to communicate with other people using it. Remember, in school, (in non native English speaking countries) there are days wherein you have to follow an English Only Policy – by doing this, you’ll be able to improve your English significantly. You can also have better English communication skills if you frequently speak with native English speakers. If you communicate with native-English speakers and there’s a word you don’t understand, or a phrase you don’t get, do not be afraid to ask the person what that word means, or what he or she means – this is one effective technique of how to speak English better that you should make use of.

Other activities that can help you learn the English language more quickly includes watching TV shows and movies in English more often; listening to English music or songs; watching English theatre presentations or plays; and many more. No matter how old you are, remember that it is not too late to try to improve your English – just follow the strategies discussed here that are sure to bring about great improvement in English communication skills.