Luton in Bedfordshire United Kingdom

Located only 32 miles to the North of London you will find the town of Luton. Home of the famous Luton Town Footballers, who are rich in history of being tops of the league of English football. Also one of the major airports are located there at London Luton.

Luton also is the place where the largest one day carnival is held each May. It’s a bank holiday and called the Luton Carnival. Earliest settlement in the area was thought to be during the Paleolithic times, that’s 250, 000 years ago.

During the Mesolithic times which is 8000 BC it’s thought settlements were formed again. It’s quite common that finds are found from the Neolithic times. Galley Hill has been the location of many burials from that time period.

Looking at more recent settlers it is shown that the Romans formed a nearby town Durocobrivis, though not many Roman remains have been found. Industry was based on agriculture when the Saxon’s founded the town during the 6th century.

St. Mary’s Church was completed back in 1137; there is also a castle that is said to have been a castle built back in 1139. Though it was torn down, you can now find Matalan store on the location. The year of 1336 saw most of Luton destroyed in a fire, but the town was rebuilt. The main industry of the town changed to brick making during the 16th century. Then again it would change to the making of hats in the 17th century.

Rapid growth took place during the 19th century and saw the railway come through the town. Another town that is deep in history is the town of Luton located in Bedfordshire. Making hats but not as many to this day, it’s a town that has many different industries now. One that is continuing to grow larger and more advanced.