Manufacturer Coupons

Manufacturer Coupons are coupons that are issued by the product manufacturer. Manufacturers will often try to use coupons as a method to build their brand or promote a new product. Both of these types of manufacturer coupons will save you money.

However, not all stores will participate in certain manufacturer coupons. Be sure to ascertain if your coupon will be accepted at the store you frequent prior to checkout.

There are several places you can find these coupons. You can find them inside your local newspaper. They will have them there. You can also find them from packets of coupons you receive in the mail. A really good place to find them but often overlooked is in the aisle of your grocery store. Food companies are always trying to gain your business. Therefore, they place the coupons in the aisle and are dispensed from brightly colored cases where the coupon sticks out. They will normally be positioned right next to the product they are promoting.

Be sure to check the expiration date of your manufacturer coupons. Most will have one. There is nothing like having your mind set to receive a certain discount only to be let down at check out because you overlooked the expiration date.

Just like any other coupon, make sure you keep them organized. That way, they will not expire on you nor will you lose them when needed.

A good rule of thumb when using manufacturer coupons is to not use them just because you have them. What I mean is don’t be tempted to buy a product just because you have the coupon for it. It is no use to you to purchase something then not use the item. Always to try save with coupons. Don’t throw your money away.

With the economy the way it is and wanting to save money, manufacturer coupons are always worth taking the extra bit of time to collect them. If you collect and use them properly, you can save hundreds of dollars and effectively put that cash back into your pocket. {youtube|100|campaign}