Product Creation – 4 Essential Qualities of Digital Product Creation

Creating a digital product and selling it online is a profitable business. If you also intend to create digital products, then you must know the important characteristics of these products. You must create products that are informative, solution oriented, conversationally explained and error free. Here is a brief explanation of these 4 points.

• Informative: The product must convey information which your target market will appreciate. To be able to do this, you should do some research into the needs of your target audience. Start with profiling them and discovering what they are searching for in your area of expertise. For instance, if you are creating a product on weight loss, your target audience would be searching for information on the right food to eat for reducing weight.

• Solution Oriented: Whether you are creating a video or an e-book, your product must offer some solutions to the problems faced by your target audience. For instance, if you are making a product on internet marketing, you must offer solutions to the major challenges in online marketing such as lead generation, relationship building and conversions. If you offer solutions, you have a better chance of making more sales.

• Conversationally Explained: The digital product is not just about the content that you are offering, it is about the way you are presenting it to your audience. E-book or video, you need to talk to your audience like a friend or a mentor who is guiding them on the right path. You must use a conversational tone which is polite at the same time. Avoid using slang words as they may not be understood by everyone in your audience.

• Factual and Error Free: Since you are positioning yourself as a guide and mentor to your audience, you cannot afford to make mistakes in what you are offering. Make sure all the information you offer is factual and the solutions you offer are proven. Whenever possible, give testimonials to their effectiveness as that will add assurance value to the product. As far as the content goes, make the product free of grammatical mistakes if it is an e-book and if it is a video, make sure the recording is of a good quality.

If you make your product according to criteria mentioned above, you will make a high quality product. But remember that no product is final. Whenever you get a chance to improve it, you should do so. Keep gathering feedback and ideas on improvements from your customers, partners and experts in the industry.