Simple But Effective Way to Pull Targeted Traffic on a Targeted Blog

What is the need of Blogging if you are not sharing ideas, promoting a product or adding value to lives? Without targeted visitors, it is more or less a grave yard. Blog traffic has been a buzz topic on the cyber world today.
Many webmasters have recommended these techniques as solution to Blog traffic:

– Pinging, using pingomatic and other pinging techniques,
– Tagging techniques,
– Submitting to Blog search engines,
– Posting comments on Forums,
– Back links from articles directories,
– Classified adverts,

– Google AdWords and many more are techniques that can send traffic to your Blog, but my interest today is “targeted visitor”. If you are a dog expert having dog breeders visiting you, you have targeted visitors. If you are Blogging on Laptops, and automobiles seekers visit to your Blog, you cannot make any good impression.

How do I send targeted traffic to my Blog?

There are many ways to send targeted visitors to your Blog but one of the surest ways is to Post meaningful Comments on Blogs relating to your niche regularly. There is nothing you are doing today that someone else is not doing it; even better.

You can be expert in alcoholism, quit smoking, satellite TV, control of high blood pressure….and so on. Bravo! There are 1001 people out there Blogging on this topics and making huge success. Search out for their Blog and Post a meaningful comment there. Don’t try to spam by asking the visitor on that Blog to go to your Blog but post intelligent solution and commendation there, then you can leave your link behind.

To get the targeted Blogs for a targeted traffic, quickly go to Google search engine and type you “Niche+Blog” i.e. “quit smoking+Blog” and search. You can post meaning comments to 10 different Blogs everyday and wait for the miracle on your affiliate products, Google AdSense and any other thing you may market on your Blog site.