Speak something about English Writing

Learning English can be hard to the foreigners and writing English seems even harder, not only to foreigners, but also even to native English speakers. That’s why not all the people can become Shakespeare or Hemingway. Common people can speak daily, but they have difficulties to put their speaking into words on the paper.

I am a English writing lover, I think people need to read lots of books before they take down their pen to write. First, when you read books, you can get so much information. For instant, when you read history books, you will learn so many places which were quite famous in the world long before and so many people who had done a great many things for our human beings. Certainly you can get more than these things. Then if you read novels, you will know how people think and how they could deal with the things big or small in their life. It is another way of learning to be smart. in fact, if you are careful enough, you may try to detect the writing skills of the novel that you are reading. There are no absolutely good ways in writing skills. But the writing skills in books are generally better than your own. In this sense you need to remember them.

Then you need to observe your surroundings. Actually we all know that nealy all the great writers are those who can sharply observe things about them. When you meet a beautiful scenery, you need to think how to put it down into words in English. And additionally you even need to feel the situation you are involved in. When you begin feeling, you will have gentle or nice emotions out.

The third point is thinking. You need to think everyday in English. How could you manage it? It cannot be learned in just one day or two, It needs time to practise. Don’t take everything for granted anymore! You need to think differently. Then when you put down your pen, you will feel you have strong passion to write.

And learning English can be through software as well. It can provide you with important ideas you may think helpful. That is OK! Many others may think Rosetta Stone Spanish is but a software to learn English basic things, but you need to try if it can give you some ideas on English writing.

If for more languages learing, you can also find Rosetta useful, like Chinese and Spanish. If you have passion, try to use Rosetta Stone Chinese and Rosetta Stone English to help you.