Writing – Just Keep Practice More And More

If you are writer, keep pratice more and more will help you much. Writing is all about finding your mojo; it’s about trial and error. Just by praticing, you can get better no matter how good or bad you are now. It doesn’t even matter what you write; it just matters that you do it as much as you can. Like poetry? Write it. Like writing stories? Write it. Like writing love letters? Write them. Oh, you might want to read a bit too.


You’ve probably heard “practice, practice, practice” a million times before, so let me put it a different way. After you write, re-read your work. Notice any mistakes? No? Read it again; you’ll find some. How is the flow, punctuation, and grammar? Does your writing make sense, not just to you, but to your readers?


I know I make mistakes. I know I’m not the best writer. Hell, you probably noticed a few mistakes in this very article. But you know what? I’m doing exactly what I’m preaching in this very article. I’m writing, writing, reading, re-reading, and writing some more. Well, maybe I’m not reading books this very moment as I’m writing, but you get the point.


So you know I’m not full of myself. Here are a few of my own common mistakes:


I use excessive commas.
I’m a horrible speller.
I write like how people from Kansas talk, because I’m from there.
I write horrible introductions.
I love the word “so” a bit too much.
These mistakes are just off the top of my head. I have tens, maybe even a hundred problems with my writing. Every author does, that’s why editors are so well paid. The trick for authors is to know they make mistakes and know they need to improve them. Sometimes a little bit of consciousness about your own problems will help your subconscious stop making them. {youtube|100|campaign}